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Sun, 15 Nov



Alignment Workshop

Alignment and correct use of props in yoga

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Alignment Workshop
Alignment Workshop

Zeit & Ort / Date & place

15 Nov 2020, 09:00 – 16:30

Paulusheim, Moosmattstrasse 4, 6005 Luzern, Schweiz


Correct alignment of the body is of the highest priority in asana practice, especially if you wish to access and experience the more subtle inner layers of the body.

The word "alignment" is often misunderstood as a rigid placement of the body in order to fulfill an idea about how an asana  should look. This couldn’t be further from the truth. True alignment in the physical practice is about slowly moving away from habitual positions and more towards placing the body in a form that enables an experience of the subtle deeper layers of the self.

We will explore different asanas to reach parts of ouselves that have so far been hidden from us. We will use aids such as yoga blocks, straps, blankets, etc. to support and deepen the asanas. This workshop is open to all practitioners except beginners.


“Props allow us to unfold the space of an asana and acquaint us 
with certain asanas that may otherwise be too difficult to practice. 
Props create an understanding of the correct gesture (mudra) 
and attitude (bhava) of asana. 
Props let us stay longer in an asana, thus permitting deeper penetration 
of unexplored bodily regions.”
(Christian Pisano)


Date: 15.11.2020

Time: 09.00 – 12.00 und 13.30 –16.30 Uhr
Place: Paulusheim, (kleiner Saal) Moosmattstrasse 4, 6005 Luzern

Price: Fr. 150.-



Registration Deadline: 1 week before the workshop starts
Participants: min. 8 / max. 20 **

10% discount for Teacher Training participants of Yoga Veda

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