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Sun, 13 Dec



Meditation and Yoga at YogaTopia in Herrliberg

With Claire Dalloz & Martine Burgy

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Meditation and Yoga at YogaTopia in Herrliberg
Meditation and Yoga at YogaTopia in Herrliberg

Zeit & Ort / Date & place

13 Dec 2020, 10:00 – 17:00

Yogatopia, Geissbüelstrasse 21, 8704 Herrliberg, Schweiz


Sunday, December 13, 2020 - form 10 am till 5 pm.


The linchpin for a healthy human being is a calm mind. - Yes, Meditation does calm the mind. Why, then are many meditation practitioners unable to quieten the noise in the mind? - On the one hand, the answer differs from individual to individual and on the other hand there are some basic themes that underly this issue. Either way, there are some pre-conditions that need to be met in order for meditation to be successful.

In this Meditation-and Yoga Workshop emphasis is laid on the following questions:


  • Why is(regular) meditation practice sensible and useful ?
  • What are the benefits and who is is it suited for?
  • What pre-conditions ought to be met in order for meditation to be possible ?
  • What obstacles, impediments and reactions may be expected ?


A further topic that seems to pop up again and again is the following:


  • How is one to deal with potential reactions from friends, family and acquaintances ?


These and further questions will be dealt with during this workshop - based primarily on the Yoga tradition of Sri Patañjali. Naturally, we won't miss out on the practical side of meditation.


In-between we shall focus on Asanas & Pranayama (Body and Breathing Techniques). We shall stretch, strengthen and relax the body with Asanas and breathing excercise.


Price: CHF 160.--

Registration : info@clairedalloz

Included is:

- Topic of Meditation approx. 4h (Martine)

- Asana and Pranayama approx. 2h (Claire)

- Tea/Coffee

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